Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic

Make sure not to be bugged!

Why a secure meeting room?

Secure meeting room are designed and customized to the electromagnetic and acoustic shielding ensure that information does not leak out to unauthorized persons. The system is developed, adapted and approved in accordance with the FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel) maximum security classification SS1 and used today by business, military and authorities around the world.

Sensitive information is discussed in the meeting room – information that is supposed to stay within its walls. But does it?

Smart Phones, touchpads or computers used during the meeting can be inconspicuously used to send sensitive information. Today, it’s fairly simple to eavesdrop this kind of devices, which could cause damage to an unprotected company or organisation.

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How do you rate the information in your business?
What and who needs to be protected?
Do you need a separate and permanently secured meeting room for sensitive calls and key people?
Is there a need for enhanced perimeter protection?
Do you need to control access to the meeting room?
Do you control over adjacent rooms?
Are there windows?
What level of security do you have regarding phones, laptops and tablets?

There are various ways to secure your meeting from being bugged. The level of protection needed depends on internal security requirements and/or those specified by an external security company.

A completely self-contained room is built inside an existing room. This ensures that the room can be inspected and easily surveyed externally.

We use the existing walls, floors and ceilings and apply a shielded layer, which means that the entire space of the room can still be used.

Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic
Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic
Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic

Meeting with security

Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic
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What is your situation? What is your need to have a secure meeting room?

Each threat and situation is unique. Together we identify your current threats in order to create a safe meeting room, completely adapted to your security needs. We call it ”Secure 123”.

Secure 123 by Emp-tronic
Shielding Technology
By directing a sensitive instrument, intended for theft of information, against, for example, a mobile phone or computer, you can "capture" the weak electromagnetic field that exist around the devices, several hundred meters away. In this way you can read the information contained in the devices currently.
By using shielding technology according to the highest TEMPEST requirements, you get a completely secure and controlled environment.
Secure 123 by Emp-tronic
Acoustic eavesdropping protection
This can be performed in a variety of ways. Our solution protects you from hidden or built-in microphones for recording as well as from microphones placed outside windows or eavesdropping from a distance by using a parabolic amplifier.
This eavesdropping is remedied with a tailor-permanent eavesdropping protection: A jamming equipment built into permanent premises in walls, ceilings and windows.
Secure 123 by Emp-tronic
Perimeter protection
Access control measures ensure that only authorised persons are given access to secured areas.
Depending on the security requirements you create different security zones. Perimeter protection should include walls, doors, windows, ceilings and floors.
Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic
Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic
Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic