Shielding technology by Emp-tronic

One single protection - a controlled electrical environment

Today we know for certain that sensitive electronic equipment can be disrupted by electromagnetic fields and cable-conducted transients. In an everyday context, the interference phenomena most commonly encountered – and most easily identified – can be traced to poorly functioning computer installations.

However, major problems sometimes occur for no apparent reason. For example:

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An industrial robot turned the wrong way and injured a worker owing due to interference from a newly installed computer terminal.

LEMP - Emp-tronic

A commuter train was switched onto the wrong track because a home computer game was interfering with the computer that controlled the points.

LEMP - Emp-tronic

A serious accident almost occurred at Osaka domestic airport when the radar system was put out of action by interference from an amplifier for a TV aerial.

This list could be made much longer. Interference, whether caused by human activities or natural phenomena, can disrupt the function of electronic equipment, destroy huge quantities of data and cause damage to the equipment itself.

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The only way to try to protect yourself and others against these threats and problems is to use a controlled environment and conduct tests to ensure that you do not interfere with or are disturbed by others.

Controlled Environment

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With a controlled environment means a room or chamber where no radio signals coming in or out, that you know exactly how the environment in there looks and what signals you have in there. As it flies around many different signals outdoors and indoors, it is not enough to shut yourself in a room without the need to use an electromagnetically shielded room. A shielded room used either to protect yourself from external signals (HPM or NEMP), protect others from signals from inside (TEMPEST), or a combination of both (EMC testing)


LEMP - Emp-tronic

EMP-tronic has an EMC lab where we help our customers to perform EMC testing to ensure that their products do not interfere with or will be disturbed by others. When the test objects are too big to move, we also perform tests on-site at our customers, so-called In-Situ testing.

TEMPEST - Eavesdropping
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Eavesdropping on accidental posted electrical, mechanical or acoustic energy from different components of a system or equipment.

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HPM - Electronically tamper
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A directed-energy weapon (DEW) emits highly focused energy, transferring that energy to a target to damage it.

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LEMP - Thunder / lightning
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A sudden electrostatic discharge caused by lightning can knock out electrical and electronic systems.

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EMI - Self Interference
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An intentional or unintentional interference from an external source that interrupt, destroy or otherwise affect the function of an electrical or electronic equipment.

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ESD - Electrostatic discharge
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Discharge of static electricity can destroy the sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

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EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility
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Strive to ensure that an electronic device, appliance or a system not disturb others or becomes disturbed it self.

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NEMP - Nuclear explosions
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A nuclear explosion delivers rapidly changing electric and magnetic fields that can cause damage to the electrical and electronic systems.

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